A minute that transformed me: being manhandled in the city about my weight

Any focal point of any city on any Friday or Saturday night has a similar vibe. It’s as though there has been a fire at the prick industrial facility and everybody has gotten away. I generally endeavor to remain away. On the off chance that I have a standup gig in focal London, I leave promptly after the show and return to my sheltered bed when I can. Liquor draws out the most noticeably bad in a few people – and nobody has ever unsteadily revealed to me something I truly expected to hear. HE624 HE720 HE816 HE675 HE771 HE867
HE625 HE721 HE817 HE676 HE772 HE868
HE626 HE722 HE818 HE677 HE773 HE869
HE627 HE723 HE819 HE678 HE774 HE870
HE628 HE724 HE820 HE679 HE775 HE871
HE629 HE725 HE821 HE680 HE776 HE872

This occurred on a current Saturday. I had hurried out of a gig and got the tube to Kennington, south London, where I was sitting tight for my transport. I’d overlooked my earphones so I was hyper-mindful of all the alcoholic individuals strolling the avenues, getting on the tube, going into the downtown area to look for protect in dance club where the music, luckily, is loud to the point that nobody can hear them talk, which implies they never need to create identities. HE630 HE726 HE822 HE681 HE777 HE873
HE631 HE727 HE823 HE682 HE778 HE874
HE632 HE728 HE824 HE683 HE779 HE875
HE633 HE729 HE825 HE684 HE780 HE876
HE634 HE730 HE826 HE685 HE781 HE877
HE635 HE731 HE827 HE686 HE782 HE878

I can’t state it obviously enough: this occurs once a day to a huge number of hefty individuals all over the place

I saw four young fellows approach. I was not astonished when they talked – I expected it. “Oi, you fat cunt!” one of them said. “Oink,” said another. The rest is an obscure on the grounds that I concentrated on whatever was on my telephone. It hurt, obviously. As it would have harmed anybody. HE636 HE732 HE828 HE687 HE783 HE879
HE637 HE733 HE829 HE688 HE784 HE880
HE638 HE734 HE830 HE689 HE785 HE881
HE639 HE735 HE831 HE690 HE786 HE882
HE640 HE736 HE832 HE691 HE787 HE883
HE641 HE737 HE833 HE692 HE788 HE884

Not having any thought what to do, I put it on Facebook, offering it to my companions and supporters. I simply expected to do with that experience what I ordinarily do when I do standup – take responsibility for and convey what needs be. It felt somewhat better.

I woke up the following day to see my post had been shared a large number of times. It was even in daily papers and on web journals. “Danish Comedian Sofie Hagen Says: They Shouted Abuse At Me” and “Men Shout At Danish Comedian – What Happens Next Will Shock You” and other such clickbaity features. Individuals had posted such remarks as, “I am truly sad that happened to you,” and “Those folks were enormous pricks.” HE642 HE738 HE834 HE693 HE789 HE885
HE643 HE739 HE835 HE694 HE790 HE886
HE644 HE740 HE836 HE695 HE791 HE887
HE645 HE741 HE837 HE696 HE792 HE888
HE646 HE742 HE838 HE697 HE793 HE889
HE647 HE743 HE839 HE698 HE794 HE890

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